Brad Novak

Artist - Auckland

Brad Novak

"An artist whose story is anything but conventional"

Check out Brad's Rugby World Cup 2011 inspired work and other great souvenirs.On meeting Brad one immediately gets a sense of his passion and energy. But there is also more to him than first meets the eye. His curious journey and developing dual careers epitomises Brad as a clever bastard. As an artist and practicing medical doctor Brad sees both parts of his working life as symbiotic.Born in Auckland in 1976 with Croatian heritage, Brad graduated from Auckland Medical School in the late 1990s. He openly acknowledges never seriously having the opportunity in his youth to study visual arts. However, a turning point in life then occurred during his OE with his wife: "Katrina single-handedly opened my eyes to the joys of art. It was during one of our visits to a famous gallery that she laid down a challenge for me to make my own artwork - and the rest is history!"Specialising in public health ...more

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