Fane Flaws


Fane Flaws

Artist - Hawkes Bay

"Whether you take him seriously or not so seriously, here’s an artist we reckon’s going to be huge…"

Camouflaged in a leafy Napier suburb is the home of creative dynamo Fane Flaws. When we visit, Fane is out in the sun on the back deck painting final details on his latest work. He invites us into the living room where every inch of wall space is taken up with paintings, prints and witty assemblage pieces concocted out of old window frames, doorknobs, hinges, handles, and a rainbow of painted demolition timber.
The one-time garage is chock-a-block with works in progress. At the end of the lawn a stack of colourful demolition timber leans against an old garden shed that looks like it too might re-emerge as a work of art.
Flaws is a prodigious talent whose bio reads like a potted history of New Zealand pop culture. He's a musician, film director, writer of fiction, and animator with credits ranging from BLERTA and Radio with Pictures to some of the country's best-known, and awarded, TV ad campaigns. Now he wields his wicked sense of humour to entertain, enlighten and sometimes subvert with an array of prints, paintings, assemblage, t-shirt designs, and even a book, CD and animated DVD of hilarious children's rhymes.
  Hawkes Bay


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  • Swan & Signets #2
  • The Underwater Melon Man
  • Small Swan #22
  • Blue Tongued Tiki - Art Print
  • Big Tiki #17
  • Council of the Psychedellic Ids - Art Print
  • Little Tiki #72
  • Cover Art with Dick Frizzell Silkscreen Art Print
  • Little Tiki #74
  • Yellow Tiki With Bird Art Print