Tiny Tiki Necklace with Diamonds   Tiny Tiki Necklace with Diamonds1   Tiny Tiki Necklace with Diamonds2  

Jane Vile

Necklace - Tiny Tiki with Diamonds

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with 40cm chain
with 50cm chain
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Tiny Tiki Necklace with Diamonds

Made from a New Zealand half penny coin, sterling silver plate, sterling silver chain and findings, two W2 diamonds. Tiki is 16mm by 2mm thick.

Jane creates new value for old New Zealand coins, turning them into stylish and contemporary art objects. She painstakingly handsaws iconic shapes of tikis, native birds or flowers from other old coins, to make brooches and pendants in silver and copper. One feature all her works have in common is the Maori word aroha (love) stamped boldly on the front or delicately etched by hand on the back. Either way, this really is jewellery that will also make a beautiful gift to a valued friend.

"I love to take old things and turn them into something else. I collect lots of things, like shells from the beach, coins or old jewellery from flea markets, but usually don’t know what I’ll make them into until much later.”