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Rebecca Asquith

Nectar Lamp Shade Half

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Colour Mustard Kit Set
Colour Grey Kit Set
Colour Orange Kit Set
Colour Mustard Assembled
Colour Grey Assembled
Colour Orange Assembled
Free shipping in NZ! (excluding furniture)
Description: The shade is made from 100% polyester (92% recycled content) that is UV stabilised. Comes flat packed  to minimise packaging (kit set) or assembled. Die cut with the parts tightly nested together to minimise waste. All off-cuts are recycled.
Dimensions: 260mm H x 360mm W
Assembly time: Kit Set approx 1 hrs
Shipping: Free Shipping in New Zealand, International TBA.
Some colour options available with international fittings.
Inspiration: Hexagonal shapes are prolific in nature, most notably seen in the hives of the honey bee.  A honeycomb cell is one of nature’s most efficient designs – there are no unnecessary surfaces. The cell is strong, structurally sound, and very light compared with the volume of the delicious honey inside. Made from lightweight felted polyester, the Nectar hanging lampshade draws its inspiration from the beehive. During the day it is a reminder of the beauty of nature and the strength of the honeycomb structure.  At night the Nectar has a warm inner glow that also highlights the structure and craftsmanship of the shade.The Nectar comes in two sizes, ‘Full’ and ‘Half’, and three colours - Grey, Mustard and Orange.